A review of the english petanque book "The Winning Trajectory" - Thank's to Colin ! :-)

Is there any point in writing a book about pétanque? After all you’ve got your fellow players to give you all the advice you need, on the spot, clear and simple, tactical and strategic, haven’t you?

Though they may want to be helpful, they’re not all natural teachers and mostly don’t add much to the post-throw ‘bad luck, Jim’ or the more judgemental: ‘I wouldn’t have done that’!

So there’s a distinct place for a book that offers an encyclopaedic knowledge of the game in a way that promotes detailed understanding and transfers know-how directly into your game. So this is exactly what Gilles Souef sets out to do by writing ‘Pétanque: learning process and techniques’ (aka: ‘The Winning Trajectory’). Make no mistake, for Gilles, knowledge leads to perception, (distance) training and thereby winning.
He’s been at this for some time via a website presence and YouTube demos followed by this book. Years of answering core questions on pétanque and pulling in material from sources he respects enrich the text. This is the first version of the book in English but corresponds with the second French version- updated and extended.

Like any decent text book, it pays to revisit sections over and over for there’s much to chew upon. You want a discussion of ‘dominant’ eyes and left or right-handedness? You got it. You want to know what makes for a good pointer or shooter and how you can get to be them? You've got it.
Virtually every relevant question you wanted to ask, I wanted to ask, about pétanque, is answered.

And at this time of the year, at £20, 200 pages of winning trajectory is also a really good stocking-filler!